Don’t let the technology blind you to the fact that LinkedIn is packed with busy professionals, just like you, that want a way to connect with the right people without all the travel, airport pat-downs, and 3-day seminars with gooey baked goods. You just need an effective way to use this tool…this report will show you how!


I just finished up the eNewsletter for my Video Marketing Members over on, and I may have given the worst advice…ever! Let me explain…

Almost every day I get comments and questions from subscribers asking virtually the same question: “James, do you teach anything on how to overcome fear of being in front of the camera?”

I just finished going through my good buddy Lewis Howes’ LinkedIn Training Program: LinkedInfluence, and I’m all excited to get started taking action using the site. Are you using LinkedIn and getting results? Chances are, not as much as you would like. Through Lewis’ program, he goes through a lot of tips and strategies of over 4 years of experience leveraging this 161 Million User Website. But, out of all the strategies that Lewis reveals, there is one that I love the most…

Not an “easy” button…but pretty darn close. When you use YouTube for business, you need simple tools to help people subscribe to your channel. This YouTube subscribe button, custom made and free right now, will do the trick!

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